Opportunity of a lifetime.
As foreclosure rates skyrocket and banks tumble we are in the midst of one of the biggest opportunities of our lifetimes.
Look, all the republicans are dooming and glooming about the incoming democratic President.  Why is everyone so upset?  It's because they think this President will give away the store to all the miscreants with their hands out?  If you believe that, listen again to his victory speech.  That speech is a call to arms.  It is a cry out to us, U.S. citizens, to roll up our shirt sleeves and get to work building better lives for ourselves.
Do you really think his plan is to support another nation of welfare recipients?  It's not his plan.  It is, though, his plan to help level the playing field.  He's not leveling the playing field from working person to welfare case.  He's leveling the playing field from billion dollar bailouts to folks just like you and me.  You and me...the people with dreams and aspirations to become better Americans not with anyone's handout but with, at least, a more level playing field against corporate oligopoly.
Today, today more than at anytime in recent memory is the time for entrepreneurs and small businessmen to rise to this new challenge.  Today, more than any other day in recent memory is the day to roll up our shirtsleeves and know that opportunity abounds.
Finally, maybe it's not the time for bankers and oil tycoons and corporate raiders.  Today, it's time for the smaller guy to make headway within his own life.  It's the time for anyone who wants to Start A Lawn Care Business or to begin a bakery.  It's the time for the every man to shine.


February 9, 2008You're joking, right?!?

I am not sure I have ever witnessed anything so lackluster. 

Did Fred even announce?  I seem to remember a grand statement on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno where Fred Thompson declared his candidacy for President of the Unites States of America.  Did that happen?  Is my memory of that moment based in reality or was it some lucid dream resulting in my barely stirring from sleep?

Alright.  So, Fred's out of the race. 

You're asking "What Race?" while looking around for a starter's whistle.  Hillary and Obama...now that's a race.  Even Ron Paul is getting the press he deserves these days to help fill a void left by the fireless republicans.

Is there a lesson to be learned here?  The lesson is, if you're not going to give at least a 50% effort in a cause, direct your energies elsewhere.

Fred, we would have respected you more if you had come on The Tonight Show and said "folks, I'm sorry but I am not running for the oval office."  That's all it would have taken.  You would have saved yourself an embarrassing situation.

Fred, we still love you, you know we do.  Here's a tip of a hat and a wink of an eye in your direction.  Thanks for giving us half a year of fun.  If the writers ever get their act together and end their strike, we hope to see you back on the tube.

Yawning my Fredhead off:

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January 25, 2008

Hello FredHeads:

We started FredHeads.com as encouragement to Fred Thompson to enter the race.  One of our first main-page posts after Fred failed to announce his candidacy on July 4, 2007 was entitled "What's the Holdup?"  This post told Fred and his staff to stop with the ambiguities and announce his candidacy.  Within hours of uploading that post, we were contacted by The Hill in Washington, DC.  The reporter queried why Fredheads were becoming disgruntled.

On the same day The Hill published our story, CNN and The New York Times wanted interviews.  It is funny how a seemingly negative story will pull reporters out of the woodwork.  No disrespect was meant to Mr. Thompson.  Instead, a fire just needed to be lit under the campaign's butt to get it moving.
This forum was started as a place for Fredheads to gather and share ideas.  From the beginning, this forum was to be directed by Fredheads around the country.  All too often, Admins of forums force their own ideas in an effort to run the show.  A different route was taken here, as an experiment, and it worked out rather well.
Advertisements you see to the left and top are placed only to help pay hosting and bandwidth costs incurred by the website.  It is amusing that Ron Paul and his supporters continue to allow their advertisements to run on this site long after Barack Obama's crew made a public announcement that they would specifically pull their ads from Fredheads.com
Censorship is largely nonexistent here and posts are left untouched. The only posts ever pulled were spam messages and a few personal attacks at Keith's bike ride to Washington, DC during summer 2007.  The ride was called Fredhead's Across America (though it only traversed the East coast). 
In defiance of those who would bring us down, Fredheads are a respectful group.  It is a shame Thompson dropped out of this race.  However, we hear ever increasing rumblings that a VP position might come his way.
For now, Fredheads.com will continue to operate as is.  However, financial offers have been received from more than one party who want to buy this domain.  The offers are not substantial enough for a sale to commence.  Should the offers increase, a sale will be considered.
Thanks to you and all FredHeads. 


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January 18, 2008:  Walking Tall!!!

"Did you ever see the movie 'Walking Tall'?" he said, referring to the 1973 action flick about Buford Pusser, a Tennessee sheriff who single-handedly rid his town of crime and corruption. "You know the ax handle that old Buford used to carry? I got me one of them. I knew Buford Pusser. His daughter gave me one of those ax handles and I still got it. I thought about it many, many times. There's a lot you can do with that."

Special thanks to:


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January 14, 2008:  Got Virgins?

Okay, so Fred miscued a bit.  The Iranian Guards are not associated with the group
that promised 72 virgins as a reward to "suiciders." 
However, I think the point was made clearly.


January 9, 2008:  FREDHEADS, you are loved.


It is so nice when a candidate actually cares about the people who are following him and not just interested in their votes.  Do you feel the same way I do...that Thompson is engulfed by quiet confidence? 




January 8, 2008:  Ron Paul gets his due on Jay Leno.

The FredHeads.com website (as well as its operator) has been trashed more than once by Ron Paul supporters.  Out of retaliation, maybe I should not give their candidate any air time what-so-ever.  However, I feel Ron Paul has been treated unfairly by mainstream media. 

Ron is a legitimate candidate with a significant following.  He is polling well and he has a full-enough war chest to pursue his campaign through election day. 

Why was Paul disallowed the ability to join in this week's debates?  I think this is an injustice.  Ron Paul has a viable platform and I tend to agree with his stance on Iraq as well as his foreign policy.  However, I believe his policy will deteriorate under scrutiny.  I call for equal time for this candidate.  If his policy does not crumble under the magnifying glass, so be it but let's not hide him away as if we are scared that he might actually have something to say.

From FREDHEADS Central:




January 06, 2008:  Is it not time that those who go around spreading rumors should be held accountable for the damage done by those rumors?  Did the rumors of Fred's impending departure cost him 2 to 3 points in Iowa?  If so, let the scoundrel who started the rumor lose 2 to 3 points from his candidate's results in NH.  Do you agree, Mr. Romney?


Should you believe everything you hear?  Fred's not buying it and neither should you.

From FredHeads Central:
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Hey FREDHEADS, get off your butts and